Featured Technologies

Green Cement

Eco Material has reengineered pozzolanic cement to make it react faster—matching the one-day performance of portland cement. PozzoSlag® can replace a significant portion of the portland cement required to make high-strength, durable concrete. It is 20% stronger than portland cement in 28 days and continues to gain long-term strength. Moreover, PozzoSlag® can be made at room temperature with virtually no emissions—a near-zero-carbon cement.
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Harvesting and Beneficiation

As coal plant retirements continue to reduce the availability of current-production fly ash, harvesting of previously disposed ash becomes increasingly important to ensure a ready supply of pozzolanic material for use in the production of concrete. In such instances, Eco Material Technologies can perform testing, reclamation, and marketing of coal ash to ensure it meets all regulatory and commercial requirements.

ES Efficient Carbon Offloading™ (ECO) System

Eco Material offers a range of beneficiation technologies to ensure that harvested coal ash conforms to ASTM and customer standards. One such technology is our ES Efficient Carbon Offloading™ (ECO) System approach, which provides the flexibility to process a wide range of carbon (LOI) content and fineness found in the landfill and keeps capital and processing costs at a minimum when compared to our competitors.

Ash before treatment with ES ECO System.

Ash after treatment with ES ECO System.

Our Operations

Eco Material’s diverse operations include facilities that produce sustainable cement alternatives from fly ash, bottom ash, and harvested ash. As these operations are expanded, Eco Material expects to increase its North American leadership position in zero- and near-zero-carbon products by doubling the volumes of these materials sold into the North American concrete market by 2030.

Jewett, Texas

For over a decade, Eco Material’s Jewett, Texas, facility has produced near-zero-carbon products that can replace 50-100% of the cement required to produce high-performance concrete. To date, the plant has produced over one million tons for use in roads, dams, bridges, and other infrastructure.
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Central Texas

Our bottom ash grinding facility in central Texas—the first of its kind in the U.S.—processes bottom ash for sale into concrete markets. Production and sale of these materials are helping to extend supplies of concrete-grade ash in regional markets.
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Danville, Pennsylvania

Our facility in Danville, Pennsylvania—in operation since 2020—harvests coal ash from a nearby landfill and processes it to specification-grade product. Testing and analysis of this material show it to be consistently higher quality than current-generation ash across a range of performance criteria.
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