Eco Material Technologies Resources has partnered with Kirkland Mining Company to develop its natural pozzolan mine near Kirkland, Arizona, 90 miles northwest of Phoenix. Kirkland’s high-quality natural pozzolans feature unique chemistry and morphology (physical shape and makeup) that make their performance in concrete competitive with, and often better than, the highest-quality fly ashes and natural pozzolans currently in the market (see table below).

Kirkland’s natural pozzolans provide:

  • An effective supplementary cementitious material for all cast-in-place and precast concrete products.
  • Excellent ability to mitigate expansion-caused alkali-silica reaction in concrete.
  • Improved sulfate resistance in concrete.
  • Reduced permeability, which helps to prevent deleterious reactions in concrete.
  • A consistent pozzolan supply for Arizona concrete products manufacturers for decades.


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