Periodically, market demand for coal combustion products (CCPs) is such that harvesting previously disposed-of CCPs from landfills or surface impoundments makes economic sense. In such instances, Eco Material Technologies can assist in the testing, reclamation, and marketing of coal ash to ensure it meets all regulatory and commercial requirements.

Eco Material has the capability to carry out material characterization studies of reclaimed ash to evaluate its potential for beneficial use. Characterization involves developing a material sampling plan, sample collection, physical testing, chemical analysis, and interpretation of results.

Testing is performed at the company’s material testing and research facilities, whose capabilities include microscopy, particle size analysis, carbon content, magnetic content, X-ray fluorescence, atomic absorption, various wet chemistry analyses, as well as conventional construction material testing. Analysis of test results allows Eco Material to determine CCPs’ physical, chemical, and mineralogical characteristics; the presence of any potential contaminants; and ultimately their pozzolan performance attributes.

Based on the conclusions of this analysis, Eco Material can advise customers as to the suitability of the reclaimed ash for various end uses, including concrete and other durable applications.

Eco Material can also recover and process landfilled materials to reclaim pozzolanic value. We will partner with utilities who subsidize capital to promote the restoration and beneficiation of these sites.

Technical Information