Through its LA Ash Products & Services division, Eco Material Technologies has an international license and cooperation agreements with a major circulating fluidized bed (CFB) boiler manufacturer. The division offers international CFB clients an alternative to disposal of coal combustion products generated from pet coke and other CFB boilers via the conversion of ash into usable products.

LA Ash markets CFB ash products (fly ash and bed ash) that remain after combusting petcoke and limestone in CFB steam generators under the names OPF70, OPF90, OPF42, OPF57, and OPF104. Among the applications for which LA Ash markets CFB-calcined limestone products are:

  • Reducing the plasticity index of clayey soil
  • Neutralizing acidic waste
  • Stabilizing hazardous compounds
  • Solidifying sludge and saturated soils
  • A-base course surfaces
  • As an alternative to portland cement for soil stabilization