Eco Material Technologies has reengineered pozzolanic cement to make it react faster—matching the one-day performance of portland cement. PozzoSlag® can replace a significant portion of the portland cement required to make high-strength, durable concrete. It is 20% stronger than portland cement in 28 days and continues to gain long-term strength. Moreover, PozzoSlag® can be made at room temperature with virtually no emissions—a near-zero-carbon cement.

While the mix design will depend on numerous factors, some customers are utilizing our pozzolanic cement at 60% or higher replacement. In addition, customers have been able to reduce the total amount of binder material required to hit their strength targets. Simply put, that means higher margins per job. PozzoSlag® has been commercially deployed in Texas, where it has been used in highways, roads, building foundations, airports, down hole cement, and precast concrete products.


  • Is a cost-effective substitute for cement
  • Exhibits resistance to sulfate and alkali-silica reaction by passing ASTM 1567 and ASTM 1097 tests
  • Improves concrete workability and flowability
  • Lowers carbon emissions by 99% compared to portland cement
  • Reduces chloride permeability in concrete, enhancing its strength and durability (under 500 mmhos)
  • Requires less pavement grinding
  • Prevents overheating of concrete during curing
  Control Cement 50% Green Cement Products / 50% Control Cement
1 Day 2,742 psi 2,417 psi
3 Day 4,092 psi 4,467 psi
7 Day 5,195 psi 5,367 psi
14 Day 5,272 psi 6,715 psi
28 Day 5,827 psi 6,975 psi
56 Day 6,567 psi 9,217 psi

Eco Material Technologies also offers custom-tailored cements, including:

  • Oil Well Cement
  • 1157V Blended Cement
  • PozzoSoil® for soil stabilization

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