Eco Material Technologies provides management and marketing services for Coal Combustion Products (CCP) throughout the United States. Eco Material provides the following list of credentials:

  • Manage more than 24 million tons of CCPs on site
  • Market more than 8 million tons of CCPs each year
  • Provide an experienced CCP marketing organization
  • Recognized as a national leader in the supply of concrete grade fly ash
  • Possess the financial strength and industry commitment to support operations in any region
  • Ability to serve multiple plants on a system-wide basis

Eco Material coordinates your ash processing, management, distribution and marketing into a single integrated system. We provide all CCP services wherever needed.

  • Operating and maintaining ash collection systems and storage facilities
  • Providing quality assurance
  • Managing environmental compliance, including landfill management
  • Engineering, constructing and renovating of ash handling facilities
  • Developing new fly ash beneficiation systems
  • Providing CCP transportation and distribution
  • Improving CCP utilization through innovative marketing

The experience that Eco Material has gained through over four decades of successful CCP marketing has given utilities confidence that their disposal rate will be minimized and that all expectations and promises are fulfilled.