Eco Material Technologies offers a wide variety of pozzolans to improve concrete performance during placement and throughout the life of the project. Eco Material is a major source of the most commonly used pozzolan, Fly Ash, produced from the combustion of coal in power generating plants. Fly Ash aids the formation of cementitious compounds to enhance the strength, impermeability and durability of concrete.

Class C Fly Ash

Class C Fly Ash provides unique self-hardening characteristics and reduces permeability. Especially useful in pre-stressed concrete and other applications where high early strengths are required. Also useful in soil stabilization.

Class F Fly Ash

Class F Fly Ash reduces bleeding and segregation in plastic concrete. In hardened concrete it increases ultimate strength, reduces drying shrinkage and permeability, lowers heat of hydration and reduces creep.

Concrete-Grade Fly Ash

We have developed innovative products such as Eco Material’s Micron3®, a refined pozzolan processed from selected fly ash, which is used in High Performance Concrete. With Eco Material, you have a well-established marketing channel for your concrete-grade fly ash.


  • Provides unique self-hardening characteristics
  • Reduces permeability
  • Provides high early strength
  • Useful in soil stabilization
  • Reduces bleeding and segregation in plastic concrete
  • Reduces drying shrinkage
  • Lowers heat of hydration
  • Reduces creep

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