Eco Material Technologies is the leading producer and supplier of sustainable cement alternatives in North America. Eco’s proprietary Green Cement technology utilizes fly ash and other pozzolanic materials to produce innovative, near-zero-carbon products as sustainable substitutes for portland cement in concrete. Our standard supplementary cementitious materials (SCMs), such as fly ash, replace ~20 percent of portland cement in concrete mixes while also creating a stronger, more economical and environmentally friendly concrete.

Eco Material is the nation’s largest marketer and distributor of fly ash and other pozzolans, as well as synthetic gypsum, with the industry’s only true national footprint of terminals, storage, and distribution channels. Eco is also the pre-eminent producer of non-traditional SCMs via beneficiation from landfilled/ponded ash, bottom ash, and natural pozzolans. We serve over 4,000 unique customer locations and recycle 10 million tons per year of material from our 100+ sites across 45 states.

The company also provides mission-critical utility services, including operations support, waste disposal, and environmental remediation. Our Plant Services division is the nation’s largest disposal contractor for coal combustion products and has constructed and operated landfills at over 100 utility sites.

Our support services are unparalleled and include a materials research laboratory in Atlanta providing a full range of research and testing capabilities; ability to work with local engineering groups throughout the United States and Canada; and a national logistics team that negotiates competitive freight rates with railroads and trucking companies while coordinating operations of the company’s extensive transportation fleet.