Eco Material Technologies Resources offers a full line of Engineered Materials for specialized applications. Eco Material research facilities are staffed with Ph.D. Engineers and Chemists that can assist in developing products that are suited to your particular needs. These materials are highly modified to impart performance driven characteristics in the final product. Typical applications are Engineered Materials that provide greater processing speeds or enhanced performance specifications. Whether you are looking for high strength, highly reactive pozzolanic systems, or functional fillers that target improved rheological characteristics in aqueous or polymer systems, Eco Material has the Engineered Materials to make success a reality.


Celceram®, or “Cellular Ceramic Materials” are comprised of complex inorganic solid and semi-solid calcium aluminosilicate glass spheres. Celceram® has been successfully used as a functional filler in polyolefin, PVC, asphalt, reactive polyurethane, SBR and latex based products. Particle size distribution improves packing factors allowing for higher loading levels improving the physical charecteristics of the finished polymer system.

Celceram® PV20A

Celceram® PV20A product is comprised of solid calcium aluminosilicate glass spheres. The source for these complex inorganic glass structures is the inorganic materials that have coalesced into spheres during the combustion process of coal in power generating processes. As such, all Celceram® products are considered to be pre-consumer recycled content as defined by USGBC’s LEED program and the NSF140 standard.

Functional Fillers

As the leading manufacturer of bricks, clay tiles and concrete roof tiles, the Eco Material organization plays a major role in the industry. Added to that is the experience of Eco Material in developing and marketing fillers for concrete roof tiles, bricks, concrete blocks and wallboard. It’s a dual set of skills: developing effective alternative materials for building applications and knowing how to market them to the industry. Eco Material’s research and development in this area has led to the application of several patents.

Soil Materials

  • Eco Material DeltaBlack™ – DeltaBlack™ is used in composting and soil amendment mixes to increase moisture retention and help break up and aerate soils.
  • Eco Material AgAid™ – AgAid™ corrects for calcium and sulfur deficiencies and improves soil structure without pH effects. Eco Material has identified specific crops that benefit from its use such as potatoes, peanuts and grasses.


  • Greater processing speeds
  • Enhanced performance
  • High strength
  • Improve rheology