Eco Material Technologies has published its inaugural Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Report, which is available for viewing and download here. The report identifies those ESG topics, 19 in all, that are most significant to Eco’s business in support of the development of a sustainability strategy—and range from employee health and safety to business ethics, water and energy management, product quality and safety, and customer satisfaction, among others.

Eco Material has created a three-pronged strategy to guide the company’s attainment of its ESG goals that focuses on:

  • Delivering innovative near-zero-carbon construction materials that help our customers meet their business and environmental goals;
  • Investing in our employees and communities, which are key contributors to the success of our business; and
  • Managing all of our business dealings with integrity and in an efficient and environmentally responsible manner.

We look forward to reporting on our progress toward achieving our sustainability goals in the years ahead.

Our 2023 report to the Canadian Minister of Public Safety regarding forced labor and child labor is available here.